Finding the right cold weather cycling gear for -4°C

Nailing cycling gear for cold weather is tough - start warm and you'll be sweating too much, start too cold and you might be miserable all ride.

Finding the right cold weather cycling gear for -4°C
This is an AI generated cover photo using - hence the randomly bent handlebars 

I just got back from a bike ride in minus -4°C. I was so close to being dressed correctly.

I had on a slightly ridiculous list of clothes:

  • Bib tights
  • Extra long socks
  • Spatz Roadman overshoes
  • Spatz Thermos Gloves
  • Normal summer cycling shoes
  • Merino Wool base layer
  • Long sleeve jersey
  • Spatz rainwear arm warmers - these are amazing! There are thicker panels on the front to keep the wet and cold out
  • HUUB jacket
  • Gilet
  • Balaclava
  • Neck buff
  • Sunglasses

How'd it fare?


After 2.5 hours, the base layer and jersey were pretty soaked with sweat.

I have some Spatz Base layers on order which are meant to be far better at wicking sweat and warmer, so I think the idea is you can wear fewer layers, which lets sweat evaporat, and stay warm and dry.


My hands were pretty cold at the start and went numb - so just wearing the Spatz Thermos Gloves is not enough.

Some ideas to try:

  • Adding a merino wool / thin glove as a base layer
  • Adding a big pair of skiing mittens over the Spatz gloves
  • Adding Barmitts for the winter


Damn, they finally got cold. I thought the Spatz Roadman overshoes were invicible.

Some ideas:

  • Winter shoes - my summer cycling shoes are covered in wents, most of these are covered by the Spatz but I guess this would help keep the cold out
  • Adding another pair of toe warmers under the Spatz overshoes
  • Charcoal warmers

Other ways to solve riding in the cold...

Ride on Zwift, inside, in the warm 🤣