The Best Garmin and Light Mount for your Handlebar

Combining the K-Edge Combo Mount with the Bontrager ION 200 RT Front Light to make the perfect handlebar Garmin and light mount.

The Best Garmin and Light Mount for your Handlebar

For some time now I have wanted the perfect out front mount for my bicycle. Something capable of holding my Garmin Edge 530 and a front light.

I like to use a day time running light when I am out on my bicycle. If it helps a driver spot me a tenth of a second earlier, or pick me out in shadows, just once in years of riding... it could potentially save my life... a bit of a no brainer. All of that said, I don't like having a cluttered handlebar full of gadgets and lighting mounts. I want a clean, simple handlebar on my bike.

Finally... I have found the perfect setup!

My new setup is comprised of three main parts:

One fun side benefit of this setup is that I discovered the ION light has ANT+ capability. You can pair the light to the Garmin so that when you start a ride on the Garmin it automatically turns the light on. I have found that when I start rides during the day it will set the ION to daytime flash mode. One less button to press before setting out on a ride!