The Best Garmin and Light Mount for your Handlebar

A photo of Tom in a field in Corsica. The sun is shining!
January 17, 2021
January 17, 2021

For some time now I have wanted the perfect out front mount for my bicycle. Something capable of holding my Garmin Edge 530 and a front light.

I like to use a day time running light when I am out on my bicycle. If it helps a driver spot me a tenth of a second earlier, or pick me out in shadows, just once in years of riding... it could potentially save my life... a bit of a no brainer. All of that said, I don't like having a cluttered handlebar full of gadgets and lighting mounts. I want a clean, simple handlebar on my bike.

Finally... I have found the perfect setup!

My new setup is comprised of three main parts:

One fun side benefit of this setup is that I discovered the ION light has ANT+ capability. You can pair the light to the Garmin so that when you start a ride on the Garmin it automatically turns the light on. I have found that when I start rides during the day it will set the ION to daytime flash mode. One less button to press before setting out on a ride!

A look at the K-Edge mount and ION up close. The Blendr attachment lets you connect the light up via the GoPro mount. Nice and clean! The K-Edge mount comes with a 3mm Allen Key screw for the Go-Pro mount, but I decided to use a standard GoPro screw so that I could quickly adjust the angle of the light, or swap it out for a GoPro in seconds.

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