Do not use a USB C Hub to power a MacBook M1

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February 6, 2021
February 6, 2021

Public Service Announcement: Do not use a USB C hub to power a Mac M1 laptop.

I did this, and it fried my brand new mac. It no longer turns on. Apple has taken the device away to repair.

A google search confirms that many people have the same problem, and the only fix is for Apple to repair the devices.

I was pretty shocked to find this is happening to a lot of people. The first forum thread contains loads of reports of the exact same fault I experienced.

Check out this forum on MacRumours for more information – there are multiple reports of people experiencing the same problem since. These devices are only a few weeks old - this should not be happening!

Apple guidance is to only power the MacBook with the original charger plugged directly into the MacBook. 

When I get my M1 back from Apple I plan to adhere to their advice. Sure it will be a minor inconvenience to plug the original power cable in and a separate USB C hub, but that’s less of an inconvenience than frying my laptop!

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