iCloud Photos Needs A Local Storage Limit

May 1, 2015

I like iCloud Photos and pay for extra storage.

It is convenient to have my photos sync between phone and mac without any thought. Optimise iPhone storage is missing one crucial feature: there should be a slider that limits how much local storage space will be taken up by local photo caches.

The way this feature is currently set up makes it impossible to control how much space photos take up on your mobile device. Sure, the feature stores less than my whole photo library on my phone. You could call that “optimised” — in a simple world. Now that I never sync my phone to my laptop (over-the-air-updates are wonderful) I find my phone is constantly running out of storage space.

Hopefully the next iOS update includes a slider that limits the amount of storage that iCloud Photo Library takes up. 10% of the device. 2GB. 40GB. Always leave 20% of the phone’s storage free. There’s plenty of ways to do it, but Optimise iPhone Storage is too vague.

Optimise iPhone Storage and never store more than XGB of photos on this device should exist.


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